Audited by Netcraft

Norman Records Ltd is Audited by Netcraft

Netcraft last successfully tested Norman Records Ltd without finding any remote vulnerabilities on the ip address ranges below on October 10, 2014.

Norman Records Ltd
IP Ranges:
October 10, 2014

Netcraft updates its test suite daily, adding new tests for the latest security exploits. A network with an up to date "Audited by Netcraft" seal is your assurance that the company is vigilant and maintaining the security of their network against the latest Internet security vulnerabilities.

The Audited by Netcraft service is described here and an FAQ is also available.

Only Netcraft customers are allowed to use the Netcraft security seal and unauthorised duplication of the image or verification page is prohibited. Please let us know if you suspect that any site is using it incorrectly.

Disclaimer: Although Netcraft makes reasonable efforts to maintain its service, no degree of exhaustivity is implied by the tests or the seal. By definition a security testing service may only show the presence of vulnerabilities, not their absence and while Netcraft's test suite includes a comprehensive range of tests, some vulnerabilities cannot be reliably detected by an automated service. Additionally, information may be stolen through means which do not require a remote compromise such as social engineering or insider fraud.

Responsibility for the security of the web site remains with its owners and Netcraft shall not be liable to for any loss or damage suffered by any persons caused by security vulnerabilities, regardless of whether said vulnerabilities were discovered by Netcraft's testing or the status shown by the seal.